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The Pastor’s Corner



We have had a healthy response to the call for people to commit to an hour a week in our Adoration Chapel here at Sacred Heart. There were over 200 responses. Hopefully, all will follow through so that we can have a several people present at each hour. 

As Father Victor mentioned in his homily last Sunday, when we come to Mass we are joining with the Church in the celebration of the Eucharist. That is an important obligation we have as Catholics. The Adoration Chapel is a place that extends the power of the Mass and the Eucharistic Christ into our personal life. The adorers form a community of prayer within our parish. They are of different ages, different ethnic backgrounds, different places of employment. They may not know each other’s names but they are bound together to the Eucharistic Lord and to the serious building of a spiritual life through Eucharistic adoration. They bring the hopes, needs, prayers of people they know and of our world before the Lord.

Please remember that signing up for an hour of adoration each week is not like a limited enrollment period for a health plan. You can sign up at any time throughout the year. The Adoration Chapel is a place of prayer and peace, a spiritual oasis in a hectic and troubled world. If you haven’t signed up and would like to, please fill out a form and bring it to the Rectory.

All of those who signed up will be contacted by our coordinator to arrange for a specific hour in the chapel.


Many thanks to Boy Scout Troop 45 for changing our parish misalettes. We are grateful for your time and commitment.


Our religious education program is now registering children for the sessions beginning in September. Our diocesan policy is that outside the “sacramental years” (the years for first Communion and Confirmation), parents whose children are enrolled in a home school program and who are giving religious education at home as well, are to register as home schooling families with our Religious Education office. This enables us to know that the children are receiving religious education at home. Please call Julia in the Religious Education Office, 662-2651, for further information.


Please keep the schedule of Confessions and Holy Week services in Sunday’s bulletin at hand at home, or refer to the one on the website. We try to put the schedule on our answering machine but we have to do so in stages because of the number of services and times involved. This coming Tuesday, we will have our parish Lenten Penance Service, starting at 7:30 pm. We will have ten priests available to hear Confessions. This Holy Week is a time to prepare to renew our Baptismal promises at Easter, a chance in the words of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, “to become Christian again.”

In Our Lord
Father Stan Krempa


Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults


Rev. Brendan Bartlett, Catechumen Robert Sia, Sponsor Mark Maines at the Rite of Election in Arlington, VA

Sacred Heart Catechumens and Candidates are in the final stages of preparing to come into full communion with the Church at the Easter Vigil. Having been in preparation, classes, and prayerful discernment since September, they are ready to profess their Catholic faith. It is at this time that they need our prayers and support the most. It is during this final period that the grip of prior habits, associations, and temptations may trouble them most.  Please keep these brothers and sisters in faith close in your prayers this week.

Parochial Vicar, Rev. Brendan W. Bartlett, became RCIA Director this year, following the sudden death of longtime RCIA Coordinator, Ed Norris, last year. Classes started back in September and have covered the basics of the Catholic faith, including beliefs, doctrine, morality, and Sacraments. The Rite of Election (celebrated at the Cathedral of St. Thomas More on March 9th), as well as the Scrutinies during Lent, will culminate in the reception of the Catechumens and Candidates at the Easter Vigil.

To read more about the Rite of Election celebrated at the Cathedral, click here: http://ow.ly/uwEWE