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The Pastor’s Corner



Pope Francis has issued several calls for an end to hostilities in the Middle East. He has also called on all the faithful to pray for peace. The loss of life, the destruction, and the permanent psychological scars in the lives of children are only some of the effects of the wars in the Middle East. In addition to all that, there is the accumulation of hate, bitterness and revenge that will last for decades. Let us all remember the Middle East in our prayers. It is a terrible, explosive time in a explosive place on earth.

Maybe the chaos in the Middle East may cause us to cherish the gift of peace and reasoned discourse. When we start to demonize our opponents, to hurl epithets at them and to reduce them to caricatures, it is not long before an act of violence can trigger a firestorm of built-up hate. Let us all cherish the gift of civility so that we can fight our domestic wars with ballots and not bullets.

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Please mark Saturday, September 27 as the day for our diocesan evangelization conference, entitled “Risk Jesus.” It will be held at the Hylton Memorial Chapel in Woodbridge. Presentations will be in Spanish as well as English.

 It is a great opportunity to be mobilized to spread the Gospel as well as to share programs and methods of evangelization. Information on the conference is in the narthex.

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For several years, we have had as one of our petitions a prayer for our armed forces, especially those in Iraq and Afghanistan. We included Iraq and Afghanistan by name because those were the places where our military were in active engagements. Since we are withdrawing our troops, each of us can continue to remember our military in prayer, especially through the prayer journal for the military in the Adoration Chapel.

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 In mid-August we will have the Little Sisters of the Poor come by to briefly describe their work and to seek any assistance you may be able to give them. They will speak very briefly at all the Masses. Please be generous.

                                                            In Our Lord

                                                                        Father Stan Krempa


How can we know if the Holy Spirit is working in our lives?

(Spanish subtitles)


After the feast of Pentecost, we are reminded of the transformation of the disciples from ordinary men into bold evangelizers of the Word. We are all called to become bold and joyful evangelizers of the Word. We are all called to spread the Word with our lives, with our words, and with our love. How do we know if the Spirit is in us guiding us? Fr. Robert Barron has clear guidelines for us to use: