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The Pastor’s Corner


The Bishop’s Lenten Appeal


I will give you a final report on our parish capital campaign next month. This Sunday, we begin the annual Bishop’s Lenten Appeal (BLA). Our parish campaign was to make extraordinary additions to our parish buildings (gym, kitchens and multipurpose room enhancements at Sacred Heart; rectory at St. Bridget’s).

            The Bishop’s Lenten Appeal is an annual event to help fund the offices, ministries and programs of the Diocese of Arlington. A look at the diocesan website will show the extensive work being done by our diocese.

  •  We have a  large number of seminarians. Programs to support those interested in the priesthood requires funding.
  •  The Office of Catholic Schools keeps us aware of legal and policy aspects of running a parochial school.
  •  Catholic Charities supports food banks, adoption services and Christ House.
  •   The chancery offices are always available for advice on the host of issues facing the Church today.
  •   The Finance office conducts biannual audits of all parishes.
  •   The Office of Construction Management guides parish building construction from planning to completion.

            I ask you to please read the brochure you will receive in the mail. The Bishop’s Lenten Appeal is the lifeblood of our Diocese. Your support will make a great diocese even better.

*          *          *

            Because the flu is still among us, please give a signal to the person next to you at Mass if you do not wish to exchange the sign of peace. We can simply nod and say, “Peace be with you” or respond, “And with your spirit.”


                                               In Our Lord

                                               Father Stan Krempa


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