One of origins of the St. Joseph’s Table was in thanksgiving to St. Joseph for his help in a time of great need. In desperation, drought-stricken Sicilians turned to the saint to ask for rain and held a great feast with the harvest that resulted when the rains came. Village poor and needy were invited to the feast and sent home with pockets and baskets full of shared bounty.

Our parish celebration in that warm tradition will be on March 19th after a special 5:30 pm Mass. All parishioners are welcome to gather around the table and contribute breads, cookies, fruit, flowers, olives, pastries and cakes, juices and wine to share. In the tradition of the first St. Joseph’s Table, leftovers will be donated to local charitable organizations, including CCAP, Evans Home, Winchester Rescue Mission, Salvation Army, and the Knights of Columbus.

Sign up to contribute here, or click on the QR code with a code reader on your smartphone or tablet. You can also call the rectory at 540-662-5858 to donate or for more information.