Pastor’s Corner

Dear Sacred Heart Family,


How can we grow in our spiritual life, receive greater answer to our prayers, and help those in need? On one side, Lent is a time to draw closer to Christ and receive these blessings through prayer, sacrifice, and works of charity. However, as we approach Holy Week towards the final fifth week of Lent, we have a marvelous “œinterruption” of Lent to celebrate the Solemnity of Saint Joseph.


This year, a wonderful leadership team from the parish office, Sacred Heart Academy, parishioners and others have been planning a wonderful celebration for the celebration of the Foster Father of Jesus on March 19th. A solemnity during Lent is like a Sunday, it is a day when we are obligated to celebrate, and in a certain sense, rejoice and even optionally take a break from some of our fasting and penance during this Holy Season.


How can we join in? Bulletin announcements from our committee have been coming with spiritual insights, history, and information about this coming parish celebration. The committee has been researching, planning, and including people from all parts of the Sacred Heart family for this great day.


Sicilian Catholics centuries ago faced a great famine, and during that time manifested their rich and confident trust in the power of Saint Joseph’s intercession. They promised to honor him forever if he would hear their pleas and deliver them from their sufferings. He did. The Saint Joseph’s Day bread altar, and the surrounding devotions, developed in Sicily and was replicated throughout the Church. These customs came with immigrants to the United States and took root in the northeast in Boston, New Jersey, Philadelphia, as well as in the South, for example, in New Orleans.


Saint Teresa of Avila eagerly promoted the power of Saint Joseph to help us with every need and in every situation. This weekend, novena booklets are available for you to take home, for the Novena beginning on March 10th. Join the nine days of prayer united to other members of our parish, and with the Church throughout the world to seek the help of Saint Joseph from Heaven. Please see the bulletin insert for information about how you can contribute to the food preparations for the Feast on the 19th. All leftover food will be donated to Evans Home, CCAP, and other places who serve those in need.


Please join us in preparing for the novena, learning about the feast, being part of the celebrations on March 19th, and helping the poor and those in need. God Bless you!


In Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart,

Fr. Bjorn Lundberg


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