Pastor’s Corner

Dear Sacred Heart Family,

This week we enter the source of all joy, which takes place in the most intense time of the year. Holy Week begins as we celebrate Palm Sunday, and all things “œpause,” as it were, while we witness and enter into the mystery of Christ’s Merciful Love for us.

When we have a friend or loved one, who is in a terrible accident, it is all we can think about. We rush to the Emergency Room, and wait in the lobby, we pray, and ask people to put the intention on a prayer chain. Everything in our mind is focused on our loved one. When we are busy, at work, doing our duty, it is not far from our mind.

This is a way we can approach Holy Week.

Imagine that someone who loves you more than life itself, has been attacked, and been in a terrible accident. He is in the E.R. and is suffering. You think about the memories, you pray, and you hope for good news. Jesus enters the Sacred Triduum from Holy Thursday to Holy Saturday to suffer and give His Life for us!

We can imagine what Our Lady was going through as she watched this mystery unfold. We know that Easter Sunday brings joy beyond belief when we find the tomb is empty. If we want that joy to penetrate deep into our bones, then let us try to let this week penetrate deep into our hearts and minds. Perhaps we can read the Gospel passages of the Passion and Death of Jesus, and meditate using Our Lady’s Rosary. Maybe we can watch special programming on EWTN. Perhaps we can use FORMED online to watch programing. Read about the Shroud of Turin, or watch documentaries about the suffering and death of Jesus.

Ultimately, this week is all about Mercy. Pope Francis, echoing the saints, reminds that we are called to accompany one another, as God accompanies us to the Cross and the empty Tomb. This weekend, pamphlets will be distributed after Mass for the Divine Mercy Novena. This novena begins on Good Friday, and ends on the Sunday after Easter, Divine Mercy Sunday.

Reflecting on Our Lord’s Merciful Love for us, helps us enter into His Passion, understand His suffering for us, and enlarges our capacity to receive the Joy of His Resurrection on Easter Sunday. May this week be full of blessings and graces for our parish family as we journey together. Jesus, we trust in You!

In Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart,

Fr. Bjorn Lundberg

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