Pastor’s Corner

Dear Sacred Heart Family,

June is the Month of the Sacred Heart, this is our month! During summer time, both children and families often look forward to a time of recreation, when we “œre-create” our lives through a break from studies and time for recharging our batteries. It seems appropriate that this is a time to dive into the love of the Sacred Heart. When the Lord Jesus appeared to Saint Margaret Mary, He wanted people to know His Love more personally. He spoke to her of His desire that we be transformed by His Love, and respond with our love in turn. Two feasts this month help inspire us to greater opportunities for this growth.

This weekend we celebrate the Solemnity of Corpus Christi. This feast was instituted to celebrate the amazing gift of the Eucharist, and to reflect the Church”™s awareness of Jesus”™ Real Presence in the Most Blessed Sacrament – He comes to us Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. Surprisingly, this solemn celebration is more needed than ever. Research indicates that most Catholics are not aware of this teaching. A majority of Catholics surveyed do not reflect an awareness that Jesus is here among us, substantially Present in the Host after the Consecration of the Mass. When we rediscover this wonderful reality, it is life changing. We understand more deeply that we are not alone, and that as St. Therese says, that He comes down from heaven to come into our hearts.

Also, this Friday is our parish Solemnity! The Feast of the Sacred Heart moves every year depending on when Pentecost is celebrated, and this year it falls this Friday. Since it is our parish Feast, that raises it to rank of Solemnity, which means we should really celebrate! In that spirit, we have a special Friday. We have a solemn Mass at 5:30 in addition to our morning Masses. Then we have a dinner and wonderful guest speaker, Fr. Hezekias Carnazzo, the founder of the Institute of Catholic Culture, will be a dinner speaker after Mass, in Muldowney Hall. He will speak about God”™s Love for us. So come join us for Mass, dinner, and a wonderful speaker on our parish solemnity this Friday! May you be richly blessed in this month of June, our month!

In Our Lady”™s Immaculate Heart,
Fr. Bjorn Lundberg

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