Pastor’s Corner

Dear Sacred Heart Family,

In the Gospel this week, we hear proclaimed, “œThey were exceedingly astonished and they said, “˜He has done all things well.”™“  I wonder if we say that regularly?  I admit that many times I wonder if God really is in control.  I cannot see how God”™s plan is unfolding, I cannot understand the mysterious ways of His Providence.  Yet, with hindsight, we do look back and begin to see, “œAh ha, so maybe that is why this happened.”

Walking with eyes of Faith can be such a difficult thing to do.  Saint Francis de Sales (to paraphrase him), says that we learn to walk by walking, to love by loving, and to trust in God by trusting in Him.  To develop these eyes of Faith, we have two aspects:  we have received the gift of Faith, and we need to exercise that muscle, that gift, by using it.

Mother Angelica once observed that having Faith is like having one foot on the ground, one foot in the air, and a queazy feeling in your stomach.  Usually however, with hindsight we can have that perspective.  We can see a plan unfold, we can see that Providence has been at work.  

Using these eyes of Faith, these glasses or lenses from the Lord, let us ask Him for the grace to trust Him a little bit more.  When we are scared and nervous let us pretend that we will trust Him, even when we are terrified to do so.  The same God who gave His life for us, will continue to guide and show us the path forward.  We can live ever more freely as His sons and daughters, growing in the conviction that He does all things well.

In Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart,

Fr. Bjorn Lundberg,


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