Pastor’s Corner

Dear Sacred Heart family,

The story is recalled that Mother Teresa of Calcutta was tending to a homeless person’s wounds, which were disgusting and infected, filled with maggots.  A journalist was accompanying her for a profile, who observed , “œI wouldn’t do what you do for a million dollars.” Mother paused and replied, “œI wouldn’t, either.”

Mother did all she did because of the love she had received from Jesus, which she tried to return.  She couldn’t love the poor without the Love from Jesus she received in the Eucharist.  This Sunday, Jesus calls us to follow Him with all our hearts and lives. 

When our hearts are filled with other things, there is less room to receive God’s Love. Providence and our choices can help make room for His Presence in our lives.  

Serving the poor and those in need, pursuing justice, is different than mere altruism for a Christian.  We love Jesus in each other, we don’t just help others. 

This week let us seek God’s Wisdom in Christ, in order to receive His Love to share.  In recognizing our poverty, we can accept His Mercy. In recognizing our need for His Love, we can share that Love as well. Giving “œall” to Jesus is to make our life a gift: to God and our neighbor.

In Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart,

Rev. Bjorn C. Lundberg,

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