Blessing of the Animals – October 4

There are 13th-century stories of St. Francis of Assisi preaching to birds in trees. Legend says that, early in his time as a preacher, his rapid conversion to faith caused friends and neighbors to question his mental stability. No human would listen to him, so he preached to the birds. A famous painting by Giotto portrays Francis humbly admiring birds on the ground, his hand raised in blessing. In popular images of Francis today, we see birds circling his head or perched on his shoulders in imitation of the harmony between human and creature.

St. Francis inspires us to honor God’s creation. Animals are our companions on Earth. We receive comfort and protection, as well as labor, food and clothing. So we ask God to help us remember with gratitude our dependence on these creatures, great and small, and to make us wise enough to care for them properly. They too reveal God’s loving presence.

Our parish Blessing of the Animals will be October 4 – the memorial of St. Francis of Asisisi. The first blessing will be a 12:00pm in the upper parking lot of the church. The second blessing will be at 3:30pm in the field next to the playground. Bring pets to bless.

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