Become a part of the St. Joseph’s celebration!

*Please note: Items brought after this time will be donated directly to the community and will not be placed on the altar for the event.

The origin of the St. Joseph Altar comes from a legend that there was a great famine in Sicily many years ago. Things were so bad that the main staple to keep people alive was the Fava Bean, used mainly for cattle fodder. The people prayed to St. Joseph to intercede for the end of the famine, and their prayers were answered.  In thanksgiving, a huge celebration was held, with wealthy families hosting huge buffets, inviting all, especially the poor and sick. A form of this celebration has continued for years as the St. Joseph Table, or St. Joseph Altar. (source:

All donations should be brought to the hallway between the Krempa Gym and multipurpose room during these hours:

Monday, March 16th, 11am-2pm 

Tuesday, March 17th, from 7:00am-6pm

Wednesday, March 18th, from 7:00am-12pm*

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