Updated: The bishop granted dispensation from the Sunday Mass obligation for vulnerable populations. Here is the full statement.

Until further notice, Bishop Burbidge has granted dispensation from the Sunday Mass obligation for those segments of the community who are most vulnerable to the effects of coronavirus (those who are 60 years old or older, have chronic illness, or immune system deficiencies), those who care for a person with such a condition, and individuals with concerns about being in public gatherings. Those who are exempted should check with their parish or the diocesan website regularly for updates.

Note: Those who refrain from attending Mass due to illness should, if possible, devote time to prayer, observe Mass on television or the internet, and/or pray a Rosary. While nothing can replace attending and participating in Sunday Mass or receiving Holy Communion, those who refrain from Sunday Mass due to illness have not committed a mortal sin. When sick, observing the Sabbath with another holy devotion and prayer demonstrates good will and sincerity.

The full statement can be found here: Catholic Herald

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