We need every household to support our parish

The success of our parish mission depends upon the support of every household

Your generosity to Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in the last year helped us keep the doors open during an historic pandemic, enabled us to find new and improved ways to spread the Gospel, served others in the Winchester area, and supported a return to community and fellowship in our parish.

Imagine what we can accomplish if every family participates!

The success of our efforts relies on every household giving according to their means. This year, I ask you to reflect on your blessings and base your giving to our parish on gratitude for God’s gifts to you. Please reflect whether your current level of giving to the parish represents thanksgiving for the many blessings God has bestowed on you and your family.

Consider increasing your weekly offering.

Increasing our offertory collection ensures we can maintain staffing and meet the expenses of a growing parish. Contributing even just $10 a week more than you currently give will strengthen our course for the coming year. It is your investment in your parish and the care it provides to each of us.

With your help and God’s grace, Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic parish will continue to change lives in Winchester and throughout the Shenandoah Valley. Increase your giving amount through Stellar Web Systems with the QR code below or go to sacredheartwinchester.org/donate to find out more.

Thank you for supporting our parish offertory as your means allow. Your generosity is needed now more than ever. Our parish community has always come together to support one another during times of need, and we ask you to do so again. Please continue to pray for each other.

Use the QR code for Stellar Web Systems or donate through PayPal below:

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