Public Masses are back! Here’s how we are keeping you safe.

As our parish slowly reopens for Mass, we are delighted to get back on track with our normal Mass schedule. See below for the full schedule for the weekend and weekday Masses. (Note the 11:15a.m. Mass has been moved to 11:00a.m.) During this transition, our priority is the health and safety of our parishioners and visitors to the campus. This weekend, ushers will make available the publications from the diocese that spell out the guidelines in force. You can also read them here:  website. Please carefully read and follow them.

Highlights of how we will keep you safe

The celebration of Mass will alternate between the Church and Krempa Gym. This allows a three-hour time period during which we can fully clean and sanitize the venues. Common surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected, all trash picked up and disposed of, areas will be swept.

Attendance in the church and Krempa Gym will be limited to below 50% capacity of the rooms. Pews have been taped off and chairs arranged to promote adequate distance between attendees. Ushers and staff will be on hand to ensure compliance with these guidelines.

Once the limit of seating has been reached in the Church or in Krempa Gym, ushers will direct additional attendees to overflow seating in Muldowney Hall (for the Church) or the MultiPurpose Room (for the Gym). At the time of Communion, the priest or deacon will come to the overflow areas to distribute.

Strict social distancing is to be maintained. Please maintain a six-foot distance from each other at all times. In the church, people will be seated in every other pew – six-feet apart from each other. Seating is so arranged that no one is directly behind the person or in front of them. Every other pew is sealed off with tape. Ushers and staff will help facilitate this.

Members of a single household do not need to practice physical distancing with each other and so may sit together in the same row. Please ensure a six-foot distance from others.

All pews have been emptied of hymnals and missals. If a worship aid is desired, attendees can pick one up from the table in the Narthex or Gym vestibule. Please dispose of it as you leave.

No collection baskets will be passed but baskets will be available in the back of the Church or Krempa Gym to receive your contributions. Thank you for so generously supporting us at this uncertain time.

The invitation “Let us offer each other the sign of peace” and the exchange of peace that follows are omitted. Holding hands during the praying of the Our Father is forbidden.

Please be patient during the distribution of Holy Communion. To ensure the safety of all, listen carefully to the instructions for receiving Holy Communion. Most importantly, pause as the priest or deacon serves you to ensure as little contact as possible. There is no requirement to receive, although those in the state of grace are welcome. If not receiving sacramentally consider making a spiritual communion, inviting the Lord into your heart.

Additionally, all parishioners are expected to wear face coverings while on parish property. In addition to our sanitizing efforts, all are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer and personal disinfecting wipes to sanitize their individual worship space before and after Mass.

Confessions will be offered during Mass. New procedures have been established to offer Confession in the elementary school hallway and in the Perpetual Adoration Chapel. Please follow the instructions of the ushers or staff to receive this Sacrament.

Hand sanitizing stations have been installed in the entrances to facilitate disinfecting before and after entering the building.

There will be no congregating in common areas before or after Mass. At the conclusion of the celebration, attendees are asked to immediately exit the building and return to vehicles.

If you feel sick in any way, are coughing, or are sneezing frequently, please stay home.

Thank you for working to keep others safe, and to stay healthy yourself. This is an effort that will succeed best when we work together.

Mass and Sacrament Schedule

Daily Mass:
7:00am Church
8:30am Church

Weekend Mass:
8:30am (Daily Mass on Saturday) Church
5:30pm (Vigil Mass on Saturday) Church
7:30am Krempa Gym
9:15am Church
11:00am Krempa Gym (Please note the change in time.)
12:30pm Church
2:30pm (Spanish) Krempa Gym
5:30pm Church

Join us online

All Masses will be streamed through Facebook Live and follow along on our parish website and on our YouTube channel.

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