The Mass book is open for your prayer intentions

The Sacred Heart of Jesus Mass Book for July 1, 2020, to December 31, 2020, iw now open. To ensure that as many parishioners as possible have the opportunity to offer Masses for loved ones throughout the year, the following policies apply:

Each family in the parish is able to offer eight Masses per year for their intentions. If all eight Masses have already been offered, families will have an option to enroll their loved ones in the once-a-month enrollment Mass.  However, if there is a newly deceased family member or family friend, additional Masses may be offered. 

The suggested offering is $10 per Mass or $20 per enrollment.

Enrollments are offered for the living or the deceased. Registration is ongoing throughout the year. For those enrolled, we will provide a beautiful gold foil folder commemorating the offering.

Another option for those who have already offered eight Masses this year is to enroll loved ones in unannounced Masses that will be celebrated outside of Sacred Heart of Jesus parish by retired priests, priests on retreat, and mission churches. The suggested offering is $10 and a Mass card will be available.

Contact the parish office for more information – 540-662-5858.

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