The Equality Act, what it means for Catholics

Dangerous federal legislation, the Equality Act, has passed the House of Representatives and is currently working its way through the Senate. Bishop Burbidge has requested that we pass on this important information to our families. If passed, the Equality Act will mean that:

– Public schools nationwide will be required to allow students into bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, overnight accommodations, and sports, based on the student’s asserted “gender identity.”

– By prohibiting “discrimination” based on “gender identity,” the Equality Act will likely mean that public school teachers will be required to address “transgender” students by their new names and chosen pronouns, even if it violates a teacher’s religious beliefs. If they don’t do so, it will likely be grounds for disciplinary action. That means that Christian teachers could be fired for refusing to lie about a child’s sex.

– The Equality Act will lead to expanded access to abortion. That is because the Equality Act will likely be used to demand that doctors who are Christian or morally-opposed to abortion must perform abortions.

– The Equality Act will also put at risk restrictions on funding abortion, the effect of which will be that taxpayer dollars could be used to fund abortion.

– The right of parents to control certain medical treatments of their children could be placed at serious risk under the Equality Act. That’s because there is an underlying assumption in the Act that puberty-blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgery transition are standard treatment. If a parent declines these treatments, their child could potentially be taken away from them by the state.

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