IMPORTANT – Updated Sunday Mass Schedule

Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus family,
During the pandemic, it was necessary to adjust the Mass schedule to allow
for the extra cleaning and sanitizing between Masses in multiple locations.
Next weekend, we are going to make some minor changes to bring the
schedule closer to pre-pandemic times.
As of September 11, the 9:15am Mass will change to 9:30am, and the
11:00am Mass will go back to its previous 11:15am time slot. As of October
2, the Spanish Mass will move from 2:30pm to 1:00pm.
So the full Sunday Mass schedule will be:
1:00pm (begining October 2)
There will be no change to the 5:30pm Saturday Mass.
The daily Mass schedule will remain 7:00am and 8:15am, Monday through
Friday, and 8:15am on Saturday.
It is my hope that the new Mass schedule will be more convenient and
allow parishioners to enjoy a restful Sunday in the Lord’s presence.
In our Lady’s Immaculate Heart,

Fr. Bjorn C. Lundberg


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