Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 

Please note, all Confirmation Forms must be sent directly to the Religious Education Office, not handed in to the teacher in the classroom. If the office is closed a mailbox is located outside the office door for your convenience. 


All students to be confirmed must be attending a regularly scheduled class with either the Catholic school or Religious Education Program.

Attendance in all religion classes are a requirement. A flexibility system is in place for any family who might need to temporarily switch classes for special occasion reasons only. We do not switch classes for a sports season, etc.


Confession prior to the Confirmation Mass always takes place on the Saturday morning, 1 week prior to the Mass. All students meet in Muldowney Hall between 8:45AM– 9AM.

Attendance is taken and the students proceed into the church for Confession. All Confessions are concluded no later than 10:30AM. If any student needs to leave quickly, they can notify the office to be placed at the front of the line and may leave as soon as they have completed this sacrament.

What if a student can’t make the date assigned for Confession? 

The parents will then assume the responsibility of making sure their child/ren attend Confession at another time prior to Confirmation, either at the 4PM Parish Confessions or if they are out of town, they may attend Confession at a local church where they are.

Any child unable to attend the Confession scheduled at Sacred Heart, must notify the office as soon as possible. This helps us plan how many priests are needed.


When is the Yellow Confirmation Candidate Form due? 

Monday, 8th December 2014

What if my child does not know who to pick for their saint yet? 

Please turn the document in on time, but leave that line blank. That information can be picked up when they do their saint report.


Is the Confirmation Mass usually held on a Saturday or a Sunday? 

The Mass is usually scheduled on Saturdays. Times for the 2 Masses and a date will be given out when we have been given that information from Bishop Loverde’s office.

Normally, this information is given to us in early June.

Once we have the information it will be posted on the Website, emailed to the parents and also sent in a letter form to the family address.

How long does a Confirmation Mass take? 

This is determined by the Bishop and how long his homily may be. Typically 1. 1/2hours.

Is there a limit to the number of family members and friends that can be invited to the Confirmation Mass? 

The Mass is a very special event in your child’s life. You may invite anyone and everyone who you would like to share in this precious moment.

Can your child be in the alternative time slot for the Confirmation Mass if there is a conflict? 

Yes. We typically have 2 Masses, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. If we have 2 Masses again this year and your child is scheduled in the alternate one, please contact the office and we can make arrangements.

The cutoff time for changing Masses though, is no later than 7 days prior to the Mass.

Will the students be with their own class at Confirmation? 

Yes, unless an individual child chooses to switch to the alternate Mass.

What is the dress code for the Confirmation Mass? 

Your child should wear nice church clothes and dress shoes. Boys do not need to wear blazers as red gowns will be worn.

Should the students expect to present something or talk during Mass? 

The Bishop during his homily usually steps down off the Altar and may or may not ask the candidates a question. Please be prepared. We will try to help where possible.

During rehearsal, we will ask students to either read the petitions for Mass or bring down the gifts. If your child would like to do either of these, please ask them to notify the office ahead of rehearsal time.


What if my child has trouble passing the test? 

Our teachers will do everything needed to help your student study and pass the test.

The passing grade for the test is 100%.

What if my child does not pass the test on the first try? 

The student will only make corrections to mistakes made. They do not have to re-sit the

entire test.

Students may schedule a time, either before or after class to come in or alternatively, the parents may make an appt. with the office to bring their child in and correct any mistakes at a different time. We will not take any more class time to make corrections.

Study guides can be found on this Confirmation Website.


How does the interview with Father work? 

Fr. Krempa will give the office 2/3 separate dates for interviews, (This will depend on the number of students we have for interviews that year). The dates will be given out via email and the Confirmation Webpage. The classes will be divided into each of these dates to make them as even as possible. If the date given to your child does not work with your schedule, please contact the office and choose one of the other dates provided. The priest will not mind who schedules their interview, on which date, just as long as they show up when they say they will. The priests will have your child’s Confirmation folder in front of them before your child enters the room and will be expecting them on that day.

How long does an interview take? 

It will depend on your child and if they are prepared to give answers when asked. If they are unsure on how to answer questions, it may take longer until the priest understands the child is ready to be confirmed.

Best form of preparation, know your saint! And review your study guides.

How are the interviews scheduled? 

Fr. Krempa will review his calendar and give 3 dates that will work for his schedule. On your child’s assigned date, they will come through the front doors of school building at 8:45AM and make their back towards the Religious Education Office where they will be met by the Director and put into the appropriate order for their interview. They will be measured for their Confirmation gown at this time. Once they have had their interview, they may be picked up at the front door of the school, unless the parent chooses to wait for them in the school multipurpose room.


A parent must attend the Parent Meeting to receive all the handouts and the information necessary to help guide their child through the confirmation process. If a parent is unable to attend the meeting, they must contact the RE office and set up a time to come in and receive the necessary information and forms.

The only parent meeting we have throughout the year is held in October. If you missed this meeting, please contact the office for details to set up an appointment to come in.


We do not encourage our families to stand up and take photographs and videotape the ceremony during Mass. This is a special occasion for your child and family, but it is also a Mass. Fr. Krempa has kindly agreed to have a videographer inside the church as long as they maintain a discreet distance and allow the lens to do its job.

The videographer is a company called “Seasons in a bottle”. They offer both regular and blue ray discs and an option only for your family.

The photographer, once again is Westervelt Photography, located in downtown Winchester. They have been with us for many years and do a very professional job.

If your child chooses to take a photograph with the Bishop, please make sure they are still wearing their red robe. The Bishop’s request!


After the Confirmation Mass, a light reception is offered in Muldowney Hall for all newly confirmed and their families and friends. Please enjoy!

You are asked to turn your Confirmation gowns back in at this time and pick up your Confirmation Certificate. A table will be located in Muldowney Hall just for this purpose.


If we do not have class in the Fall, prior to Confirmation, do I need to register my child? 

Yes. Registration forms will be mailed out in March, 2015. You must register your child back into the program before the end of May, 2015. This informs the office that your child still wishes to be confirmed in the Fall and puts them on the roster for the retreat.

How much will it cost to register? 

The cost is $60.00 per student. This helps the office offset the cost for both the retreat and Confirmation preparations.

Will my child be in the classroom again in the Fall prior to Confirmation? 

We will not have any classes in the fall for the students. They are encouraged to look into the Youth Group.

If my student attends the Academy why do I need to register with the Religious Education Program? 

The registration form you will receive in the mail needs to be filled out and mailed back to the Religious Education office, not the school, prior to the registration deadline date.

It informs us of your child’s intention to continue and be confirmed in the Fall of that year. Technically, your child has been in the Religious Education Program all year while attending the school for their religious and academic studies.

Didn’t I already pay for Confirmation in my school tuition fees? 

The fees that go along with this registration form were NEVER collected by the school.

We are now in a new school year and your student now attends a local High School.

What does this $60.00 cover? 

The fees collected at the time of registration helps the RE office offset the costs incurred for both the Confirmation Retreat and Confirmation Mass, including gowns.

If you would like a breakdown of these costs, please feel free to contact the office at (540) 662-2651


When do we have rehearsal? 

Rehearsal always takes place on the Thursday, 2 days prior to the Mass, unless it falls on a Thanksgiving weekend, then rehearsal would take place the night before on Friday.

Your child must attend the rehearsal that compliments their Mass time slot. They may not, for example, be in the 1st rehearsal, but the 2nd Mass. This will not help them and is very confusing at best for the office. Please make sure you have these logistics figured out way in advance.

Changes must be made with a minimum of 7 days remaining before the Mass.

How long does the rehearsal take? 

Rehearsal usually lasts about 1 hour.

What if we can’t make it to the rehearsal? 

Rehearsal is Mandatory. Please plan to attend. Skipping the rehearsal will not benefit your student’s confidence or their sponsor’s knowledge of what is required of them at the Confirmation Mass. Gowns are also handed out to the STUDENT ONLY after rehearsals have concluded. Rehearsal is a diocesan requirement.

Do I need to bring anything with me to rehearsal? 

You should bring your Confirmation sponsor with you to rehearsal. If your sponsor is not available, i.e. not in town yet or still at work, bring a parent with you. The parent can pass the information and logistics along to the sponsor when they arrive on the day of the Mass. Please pass along, Sponsors are asked to be seated in the church at least 10 minutes prior to the procession of the Confirmandi.

During rehearsal, we will ask students to either read the petitions for Mass or bring down the gifts. If your child would like to do either of these, please ask them to notify the office ahead of rehearsal time.

The candidates will sign their own gowns out after rehearsal and sign them back in after the Mass when they obtain their Confirmation certificate. All gowns MUST be returned after the Mass or a bill of $60.00 for the gown will be sent home.


All Confirmandi are required to attend a retreat prior to being Confirmed in the Catholic faith. Our Confirmation Retreat is held in the Fall, typically end of September, but we will not have confirmation of the date until early April. Once we have this date confirmed, we will notify you via email and regular mail.

Our retreat is one day long. It starts at 10:00AM on a Sunday morning, includes Mass as a group at 11:15AM and refreshments. The retreat concludes at 5PM.

What if my child is not available for the retreat at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church? 

We will pass along contact numbers to you, so you may contact other parishes in our diocese and attend a retreat at one of them on a date conducive to your schedule.

They MUST attend a retreat prior to being confirmed.

When your child reports to the front door of the Academy building and signs in with the Religious Education Office and NET Ministries, they may not leave that retreat until it has concluded. If they choose to leave early, they will still be obliged to attend a retreat somewhere else in our diocese prior to being confirmed.


How do we know what to write? 

This report has a rubric that was given to you in the handouts at the parent meeting. If you are unable to locate this document, feel free to download it off the website, found on the Confirmation Webpage. Date due: Monday, 2nd March, 2015 


How many service hours are needed? 

The Pastor asks that each student completes all 20 service hours and turns in their service hours form prior to an interview with the priest. This way the priest may see what they have been working on during the year for their service hours.

At least 10 service hours must be church hours and 10 hours can be community.

See guidelines on Service hours page.

How can I find out about service opportunities? 

The Religious Education office will send out regular emails as opportunities come available. Check your email regularly or go to the Confirmation page on the church website for alternative ideas.

When do the service hours start and end? 

The service hours start on 1st September of their 2nd year in the Confirmation program and must be turned in to the Religious Education Office no later than 31st July, 2015. 

Guidelines for service hours can also be found under Service Hours on this website.


What if my child does not know who to pick for a Confirmation Sponsor?

Please contact the office and we will try to help you work that out.

What is a Sponsor Certificate and where can I get one? 

It is a document that shows us the person your child picked is in good standing with the church and tries to live a fully Christian life. If your child picks a sponsor who attends a parish other than Sacred Heart of Jesus or St. Bridget’s, they will need to go to the Pastor of their church and ask for a Certificate of Eligibility or a Sponsor Certificate for Confirmation. 

If your child picks a sponsor in Sacred Heart of Jesus Church or St. Bridget’s then you may download off our church website the appropriate certificate, Sponsor Certificate for Confirmation and ask the sponsor to fill it out and bring it to either the Religious Education Office or the Rectory for a final signature from the Director of Religious Education or the Pastor.

Sponsors are asked to be seated in the church at least 10 minutes prior to the start of Mass. Certificate due no later than Monday, 2nd March, 2015 


What happens after the Confirmation Mass? 

Your child will not have any more classes in a Religious Education setting. It will be up to the parents to make sure their child is still engaged in their faith. One way to do this is to encourage your child to check out and get involved with our parish Youth Group. They typically meet on Sunday evenings, but occasionally meet on other evenings too.

Have your child look at the church bulletin under Youth Disciples to see what is going on.

Confirmation Timeline For those who will be confirmed Fall, 2015 Requirement Date Due Requirement completed
Confirmation Candidate Form Monday, 8th December, 2014
Sponsor Certificate Monday, 2nd March, 2015
Saint report Monday, 2nd March, 2015
Registration for Fall, 2015

(Retreat Registration is included)

No later than 29th May, 2015
Service Hours Friday, 31st July, 2015
Confession TBD –Saturday prior to Confirmation
Rehearsal Thursday, Prior to Confirmation
Confirmation TBD. Will know in June, 2015

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