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Welcome to the HomeStudy Site of Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish!  Whether you are a homeschool parent, a Catholic school parent, or anywhere in between, we are glad to have you.  The purpose of our program is to help enable parents to give their children the religious education that they need.

Registration in the program will enroll your child into a course of study guided by the Arlington diocesan requirements for education.  An online test will be given to assess grade level readiness at the beginning of the year followed by an end of year “family” test where all members of the registered family may test at once and give feedback for the improvement of the program.  Sacramental years will have the option of additional monthly classes.

All grade levels, except 7th and 8th grades, have been sent online tests for families that have registered and paid.  The results have been very encouraging and have helped to improve the tests for those who will follow.



How do I register:

Use this link to download the form. Fill it out and return it to the RE Office during office hours or drop it in the black mail box outside of the door after hours. You can drop it in the parish office as well.  You will then be contacted and registered as either participating or non-participating.

What is the difference between participating and non-participating:

Participating means that you are a registered parishioner and will be using the program to help ensure that the diocesan requirements are being met. You will have your student take the online test and you are planning to have your children receive their sacraments at the parish. You may take advantage of any extra classes offered. You may request resources or ask for assistance in navigating the homeschool path.

Non-Participating means that you are registering only to fulfill the requirement of the diocese.  This does not give you access to any online testing or extra classes. It is merely a courtesy to the bishop. You do not plan to have your children receive sacraments at the parish.

Why should I register:

Registration with the RE Office is required by the diocese for all homeschooling families.  You are simply following the rules. However, if you register as a participating family you gain the support of RE Office and all of the extra resources that go with it.

What do I get:

You gain access to resources and evaluation tools which would otherwise be unavailable.  You are able to request assistance with specific topics or concerns in teaching theology.  You have the ability to teach as you choose while allowing our pastor to be able to verify that the required information is being taught.

What does the diocese do with this information:

The bishop is responsible for all souls in his diocese and this information allows him to know how many people are choosing homeschooling as their main means of religious education. The current bishop is very pro-homeschooling, so he will most likely be using the numbers to develop other homeschool programs as well.


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