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Welcome to the Home Study Site of Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish.  We welcome all families whether they are formally homeschooling, have a child in an area Catholic school, or navigating these uncertain Covid-19 times.  This site is a way for the Sacred Heart Religious Education program to connect with such families not formally registered in our weekly RE classes.  We want to support all our parish families as they grow their children in the faith, and especially help support them in sacrament years.

Because we want to share periodic information on sacraments, Biblical classes, seminars, and such with you, we would like to know you are out there!  Please complete the attached simple registration form so we have student and family information; there is no cost to this registration unless you have a child receiving a Sacrament in the 2020-2021 school year.  A nominal fee of $35 covers the sacrament year costs of booklets, testing, certificates and documention, and the Mass.



How do I register:

Simply download and fill out this form, 2020-2021 Homeschool Registration form .

Why should I register:

Registration with the RE Office is required by the diocese for all homeschooling families, and you are simply following the rules.  More importantly, it allows the parish to support you as you grow your children in their faith and help them receive their sacraments.

What do I get:

You gain access to resources and evaluation tools which would otherwise be unavailable.  You are able to request assistance with specific topics or concerns in teaching theology.  You have the ability to teach as you choose while allowing our pastor to be able to verify that the required information is being taught.

What does the diocese do with this information:

The bishop is responsible for all souls in his diocese and this information allows him to know how many people are choosing homeschooling as their main means of religious education. The current bishop is very pro-homeschooling, so he will most likely be using the numbers to develop other homeschool programs as well.


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