Empower a future Catholic leader: Sponsor a SASH instructor this summer!


Thanks to the generous support of our parishioners, this summer will the sixth year for Summer At Sacred Heart, the amazing summer camp program for children ages 3-13 offered right here at our parish! While our aim is to show Winchester youth a good time at summer camp, our primary goal is to form the instructors who work here to become faithful Catholic disciples and leaders of the future Catholic Church. Read what some of our prior summer staff have said about the experience you have helped them to have:

“I was really lukewarm in my faith and never had much of a relationship with Jesus. After going to daily Mass, Adoration each day, and being around super fun Catholic friends, I am on fire for Christ!”

“My boyfriend and I were going to move in together after the summer. Lots of my friends have done that. After a summer of the theology talks and great speakers at SASH, I realized that it would have been wrong and sinful.”

“I have so many questions about being Catholic and the Church but never had anyone to answer them before. SASH talks, speakers, and the director answered so many of my questions and taught me that it’s okay to ask!”

Help us have another fruitful summer!

 The fee we charge the campers pays for the direct camp expenses but doesn’t cover the cost of forming the instructors. Your gift will directly support the formation of a high school junior, senior or college student who helps to run the camps for half the summer ($250) or the whole summer ($500). This is the real purpose of the Summer At Sacred Heart.

This program offers the chance for our staff to grow in their Faith by participating in daily Mass, Eucharistic adoration, and Faith formation from a variety of speakers.  This program is a treasure in our parish, and we ask for your support. Donate below.


Click here to sponsor the formation of a SASH instructor:

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