Walking With Purpose – Modern Woman’s Guide to the Bible

Walking with Purpose  2019 Flyer

 Opening Your Heart:  The Starting Point:   New to Walking with Purpose?  Begin here, regardless of previous experience with Bible study.  Who is Jesus Christ? Why is He interested in my friendship? Why does a good God allow suffering and evil? What is grace and what difference does it make in my life?  Touches on all aspects of faith; encourages us to deepen our relationship with Christ.  22 weeks

 Touching the Divinedraws us into a deeper relationship with Jesus as we reflect on Christ’s personality through study of the Gospel of John. Knowing Him more intimately will increase our love for Him. John will teach us how much Christ loves us and how His love is the true satisfaction of our souls. 22 weeks

Grounded in Hope: Long to know Jesus with greater intimacy? Ready to grow in your trust in Him as your true source of hope?  This study of Hebrewswill help you encounter Jesus in such a powerful, comforting, and stabilizing way that He can become your lifeline. 17 weeks


Full Schedule


Opening Your Heart          Wednesdays      7 – 9 pm beginning Oct 2

Touching the Divine          Mondays            7 – 9 pmbeginning Sept 30

Grounded in Hope             Wednesdays      9 – 11 am beginning Oct 2

                                                Thursdays         9 – 11 am beginning Oct 3


BOOK COST:  $40 Order through Amazon or https://shop.walkingwithpurpose.com/collections/study-guides

Scholarships available.

$5 registration fee


To register and for more information Email hislambstwo@gmail.com.   

Visit  https://walkingwithpurpose.com for more details.



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