The Sacred Sounds

The Sacred Sounds is a contemporary choir of parishioners who come together and worship God through music at the 9:15 Mass.  The choir is a ministry and not a performance group. Our mission is to entice and encourage the congregation to utilize the most sacred of instruments, the human voice, in the very emotive form of prayer done in singing.

We are a piano lead choir that also uses guitars, bass, flute, violin and occasionally other instruments.  The music we use is almost exclusively out of the Journeysongs hymnal.  We are happy to welcome new people to the choir and encourage those who sing or play an instrument to consider joining us.

The Sacred Sounds sings year-round at the 9:15a.m. Mass except for the first Sunday of each month.  During the months of July and August the choir takes the first and second Sunday off.

“He who sings prays twice” (Eph 5:19; St. Augustine, En. in Ps. 72,1:PL 36,914; cf. Col 3:16)

People interested in joining the Sacred Sounds or are looking for more information should contact Dave Wilt at 703-216-4180 / email: dwilt61283@aol.comor come upstairs to the choir loft after the 9:15 Mass.


* Rehearsals are at 7:30pm on Wednesday evenings.

* Breaks the first Sunday of the month and an additional second Sunday during July and August.

* Sings at the 9:15a.m. Mass.

* Special services as requested.

St. Gertrude, the Great, Choir

The Choir of Sacred Heart of Jesus Church has been an integral part of the 11:15a.m. Mass for several decades. From singing Gregorian chant to modern-day traditional compositions, the choir remains faithful in its service by giving continuous praise and glory to God.

We are always in search of dedicated people who love to sing. The more voices that we have in the choir will lead to more sacred song being sung from the loft. Be a part of learning the great treasury of Catholic sacred music that spans the centuries. Help us make the Mass beautiful, for God deserves nothing less.

If you are interested in joining the St. Gertrude the Great Choir or have further inquiries, please contact Mark Pichowicz, Director of Sacred Music, at 540-662-5858 or email:


* Rehearsals are at 7:00p.m. on Thursday evenings.

* Breaks for the summer after Corpus Christi Sunday.

* Rehearsals resume the Thursday after Labor Day.

* Sings at the 11:15a.m. Mass from September through June.

* Partakes in combined Masses for Holy Week.

* Sings a Lessons & Carols service during Advent.


If you like or have longed to sing GREGORIAN CHANT, join the choir at Sacred Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic Church in Winchester, VA. Practice is on Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. in room 2 located in the lower level of the church. For more information call (540) 662-5858 or email at

“One mustn’t sing or pray during Mass, one must sing and pray the Mass,” Saint Pius X.

Resurrexit Schola

For funerals and other special Masses, the Resurrexit Schola provides special music. Call the rectory for more information  540-662-5858.

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