The Psalmists, or cantors, help lead the congregation in song when a choir is not present. Their primary function is to sing the Responsorial Psalm and Gospel Acclamation verse, but are quite helpful at aiding the congregation in song when certain hymns are not as familiar as others. They are also great teachers when the congregation has to learn new sung parts of the Mass Ordinary.

If you enjoy singing and have a desire to help lead the faithful in song, please consider being a Psalmist. Reading music is a plus, but not required. Private music lessons and vocal instruction can be arranged with the Director of Sacred Music. Scheduling is very flexible.

* Schedule is tailored to your availability.

* 30 minute rehearsal prior to your assigned Mass time.

* Music and practice MP3 files can be emailed to you.

* Opportunities to sing at Wedding and Funeral liturgies.

If you are interested in being a Psalmist or have further inquiries, please contact Chris Ricketts, Director of Sacred Music, at 540-662-5858 x404 or email:

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