Welcome from the Pastor

Dear parishioner,

A sincere welcome. As you may know, Winchester is an historic town that has a storied place in our nation’s history. Route 11 began as an Indian trail and now, side by side with Interstate 81 has become a major artery for travel and commerce. The Winchester area is soaked in the blood and battles of the Civil War. For close to a century and a half, Sacred Heart of Jesus parish has been an important Catholic presence in the area.

Now, as the Winchester area continues to grow, Sacred Heart of Jesus parish is growing with it. Our parish church is located diagonally across from Winchester Medical Center. As you become acquainted with this region, you will come to love its friendliness, history, accessibility and the faith of the people here. Sacred Heart of Jesus parish has a great history and now you will be part of it.

I hope you will introduce yourself after Mass so we can come to know you. Whether your stay here is long or short, you will appreciate the handiwork of God that is the Shenandoah Valley.

In Our Lord,

Rev. Bjorn C. Lundberg,


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