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We pray. We study. We serve.

About us

Sacred Heart Academy serves grades Preschool through 8th grade. Students are educated in a Christ-centered environment where they grow in love of God and neighbor. A staff of dedicated and expert educators who work together to ensure that Sacred Heart Academy remains an excellent, and completely Catholic, academic institution. Click here for the Academy website.

As a parent or guardian, you have many options in choosing the right educational opportunity for your student. In fact, it is one of the most important choices you can make regarding your student’s future. By choosing a Catholic faith-based school, you are providing your student the spiritual and developmental skills they need to build a bright academic future. Our students are the leaders of tomorrow, developing in safe and nurturing environment that is conducive to academic excellence as well as a strong set of morals and values.  At Sacred Heart Academy, students are prepared for higher education and a rewarding life.

Our Mission

Strengthened by the Father, led by Jesus, and guided by the Holy Spirit, Sacred Heart Academy nurtures the development of the whole child by providing a Catholic education dedicated to academic excellence, peace and justice, service and spiritual growth. We pray. We study. We serve.

Maintaining High Standards

We engage in an ongoing process of evaluation, certification, and accreditation of both teachers and programs. This accountability guarantees the continuation of our traditionally high standards. Our curriculum meets or exceeds all all state regulations and guidelines while diocesan guidelines ensure a strong religious education curriculum.

Our faculty members are fully qualified professionals who are committed to bringing out the best in their students as they grow in knowledge, skills, and values. As proof, our students consistently receive awards, medals, and recognition at State and regional events including: Science Fairs, Math competitions, spelling bees and other events.

Smart Investment

A Sacred Heart Academy education is worth the investment. It’s money well spent. The education and values instilled at an early age will pay a lifetime of dividends. Sacred Heart Academy represents affordable excellence. In addition to a strong program in the “œbasics,” we add the significant “œplus” of religious, moral, and spiritual development.

Our Campus

Nestled in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, Sacred Heart Academy offers a picturesque location for the education of our children. Adjacent to Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church, the Academy sits on several acres of land in the City of Winchester, Virginia. With a full soccer field, playgrounds, and room to “˜run’, Sacred Heart Academy offers students the opportunity to not just exercise their minds, but also their bodies. Convenient to interstates and major thoroughfares, Sacred Heart Academy is within easy reach of the surrounding area.

Dress Code

Sacred Heart Academy students have summer and winter dress uniforms as well as summer and winter physical education uniforms. Preschoolers and kindergarten students wear their physical education uniforms year ’round. All uniforms can be purchased through our designated uniform supplier, Flynn O’Hara. Alternatively, many used uniforms and accessories are available at the Academy.

After School Programs

Sacred Heart offers an extended day care program for students from 3:15 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. The children have snack time, an opportunity to do homework, and play either in the multi-purpose room or outside as weather permits.

Non-Discrimination Clause: Catholic Schools, administered under the authority of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, comply with those constitutional and statutory provisions, as may be specifically applicable to the schools, which prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, age, marital status, disability, national origin, or citizenship in the administration of their educational, personnel, admissions, financial aid, athletic and other school administered programs. This policy does not preclude the existence of single sex schools, nor does it conflict with the priority given to Catholics for admission as students. This policy also does not preclude the ability of the school to undertake and/or enforce appropriate actions with respect to students who advocate on school property or at school functions any practices or doctrines, which are inconsistent with the religious tenets of the Catholic faith.

Click here for the Academy website.


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