Live Stream

Recognizing that many parishioners keenly feel the loss of opportunity to attend Mass in person, Mass will be now be live streamed on YouTube Channel SHOJ, (Live Stream), Facebook Live, and on our website.

You can access recordings of Masses already offered on this YouTube channel, as well as devotions such as Adoration, the Rosary, and Stations of the Cross.

Following the schedule below, you can click here for Mass on the Live Stream: Sunday Mass

Sunday Mass livestream schedule

5:30pm Vigil (English)
11:00am (English)
12:30pm (Mass in the Extraordinary Form – Latin)
2:30pm (Spanish)

Masses in the church


8:30am (English)
5:30pm (Mass of Anticipation – English)

7:30am (English)
9:15am (English)
11:00am (English) – Also live-streamed
12:30pm (Mass in the Extraordinary form – Latin) – Also live-streamed
2:30pm (Spanish) – Also live-streamed
5:30pm (English)

Daily Mass

7:00am English
8:30am English


6:30pm to 8:00pm

3:30pm to 5:30pm

Confessions are in the church.


Daily Exposition continues in the Church from 10:00am to 9:00pm. From 9:00pm to 9:00am, Exposition is in the Perpetual Adoration Chapel with a limit of four adorers at a time.  




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