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The Pastor’s Corner


Forming in the Faith                       

 In preparation for the coming election, Bishop Loverde is planning to provide a systematic presentation of our Church’s social teaching over a period of time. He would like to complement the statements of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Virginia Catholic Conference, who will also issue some guidance in our voting.

            The bishop is planning to use the front page of the Arlington Catholic Herald as a platform. In the August 24 edition, he began publishing a series of articles and reflections under the title “Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship: The Election of


            These bi-weekly articles will include reflections on themes such as Prayerful Discernment; Fundamental Values; The Sanctity of Life; The Truth Regarding Marriage and Human Sexuality; Other Cases Involving Human Dignity; Choosing a “Lesser of Two Evils;” and A Call to Prayer, Unity, Reconciliation.

            As Catholics, it is important that we form our consciences according to the guidance given by our bishops. If you do not subscribe to the Herald, I’m sure the bishop’s reflections will be posted on the diocesan website.

            Voting is an important right and a moral choice. The bishop’s reflections will be a great help in forming our consciences.

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            Our Religious Education program is beginning another year. If you would like to assist the program in any way, please call Julia Carty at the Religious Education office.

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            A reminder: after Labor Day, I will speak briefly at all Masses about our Increased Offertory Campaign. You will be receiving a mailing that will describe the program. As I wrote last week, this is not a capital campaign. It is an opportunity to reflect on our weekly support of Sacred Heart parish.


                                                In Our Lord

                                                Father Stan Krempa


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 A note about Mass attire: We come to the summer months when people tend to dress more casually because of the heat. Let us all try to dress appropriately for Mass. How we dress is a sign of our respect for the Mass, respect for the congregation and respect for ourselves as Catholics. Dressing appropriately for Mass reflects our dignity as people of God, unified by Baptism and graced through the saving Death and Resurrection of Christ.

Appropriate dress is a way of recognizing that what we are doing on Sunday is important and sacred. Let us make the effort to show our reverence not only in our words but in our dress and demeanor. It can also be a reminder to others of the importance of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.


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