The Pastor’s Corner


 From our new pastor

Dear Family of Sacred Heart,

Hello! With confidence in the goodness and mercy of God, I am both excited and anxious to greet you! As the unworthy successor of so great a man as Fr. Krempa, I am very happy to join you at the Lord’s Altar, and begin to walk with you on the way of the Lord.

I ask your permission to share with you some thoughts from my heart this weekend as I begin to try and serve our parish, with God’s help. For the past eleven years, I have been in three assignments as a priest: the Cathedral of St. Thomas More in Arlington, Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception, and as chaplain of Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School in Dumfries, Virginia. How wonderful an adventure this path has been for me, consistently teaching me two main themes: Confidence in God, and trust in His Providential care.

Many thoughts perhaps fill your hearts and minds as Fr. Krempa begins his service at St. Bridget’s, and a new pastor attempts to serve your parish. I have learned four times, how impossible it is to follow an amazing priest in a new assignment. How wonderful Fr. Krempa is, and how impossible it is to follow in such shoes. I cannot hope to live up to him. However, I am inspired by the words of St. Therese of Lisieux, when she wrote. “My path is all trust and love. I don’t understand the souls who are afraid of such a tender Friend.”

Our tender friend is Jesus Christ. When I became aware He was calling me to be a priest, I fought it for years. In every new assignment I thought, “I cannot replace Father.” How can I succeed where another has done such great things? Well, in the words of St. John Paul II, I remind us all of what the Scriptures teach us, “Fear not; be not afraid.” I know the goodness of God will never fail us. I know that on my own, I can do nothing. Again, St. Therese has inspired me; “We can never have too much confidence in the good God who is so powerful and so merciful. We obtain from Him as much as we hope for” (Story of a Soul). Confidence in the Mercy of God gives me confidence to try and begin to serve you.

How wonderful a parish this is. How happy I am to serve you. I ask your forgiveness in advance for all my mistakes! St. John Paul II said, “I plead with you–never, ever give up on hope, never doubt, never tire, and never become discouraged. Be not afraid.” In this year of the Fatima centenary, let us turn to Our Lady of Fatima, and entrust ourselves, our parish, and all our needs to her Immaculate Heart, our refuge.

Thank you for your gracious welcome, your many kindnesses, and be assured of my prayers for you, and let us turn with confidence and trust to the Goodness and Mercy of God!


-Fr. Bjorn Lundberg

           * * * 

From the Catholic Diocese of Arlington


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