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The Pastor’s Corner


October News                       

                           Tuesday, October 4th, is the feast of St. Francis. This feast is associated with the traditional blessing of animals. Because it falls on a Tuesday this year, we will have the blessing of animals on Saturday, October 1st, in the lower parking lot facing the church.

The blessing of our animal companions will start at noon.

                     *                    *                    *

            We are entering the last full month before the election. Please remember to read Bishop Loverde’s bi-weekly articles on conscience formation in the Arlington Catholic Herald.

            The Virginia Catholic Conference has developed a voter resource comparing the positions of the presidential candidates on a variety of important issues. This resource can be accessed at the Conference’s website at

            A reminder that the Diocese of Arlington prohibits the distribution on parish property of voter guides other than the one produced by the Conference.

                     *                    *                    *

            Bishop Loverde will be at Sacred Heart on October 26th for the Sacrament of Confirmation. This will be Confirmation outside of Mass as was the traditional practice years ago. This may be the last time Bishop Loverde will confer the Sacrament of Confirmation for us as bishop of Arlington before his retirement. He will certainly be helping out the new bishop with Confirmations. But this will be his last time with us as diocesan bishop.

                     *                    *                    *

            Many thanks to those who are responding to our Increased Offertory Campaign. It will certainly help with the increased expenses that will come with the new gym and multi-purpose room in the school.

                                                In Our Lord

                                                Father Stan Krempa

                                             *                    *                    *


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