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The Pastor’s Corner


The Summer of Discontent         

            We are entering a trying period in the life of our world and our nation. We have all read about the terrorist attacks around the world, the dangers and tragedies involving our police forces, natural disasters as well as the presidential campaigns.

            It is very easy in such an environment to lose our perspective and get drawn into the conflicts, divisions and recriminations that dominate this toxic mix. It is important in this environment that we be people of prayer. Prayer can restore our balance, sharpen our perspective, keep our eyes fixed on the prize of eternal life and transformation into Christ that await us.

            The issues that face us are many and are serious. But we all must be careful not to be drawn into the acrimony and emotionality that surround and infiltrate any conversation about these issues.

            Prayer restores our balance and reminds us that we are Christians, followers of Christ, in all that we do, even in campaigning and voting. In this summer of discontent, we can still be people of perspective and of peace.

                         *                    *                    *

            Please remember that our seminarian, Steven Oetjen, will be giving presentations/talks about how to read Scripture over the next three Mondays beginning on Monday, July 25th. The sessions will begin at 7:00PM in Muldowney Hall. All are invited.

                         *                    *                    *

            Thank you for your generosity to our missionary from Arica. The collection for his diocese amounted to a little over $21,000!

                         *                    *                    *

            You may notice the statue of the Sacred Heart in front of the main entrance to the church may be missing. We are having it refinished. It will be returned when finished.

                         *                    *                    *

            Many thanks to Khris Arnold and all the volunteers who made our Vacation Bible School a success. About 85 children attended, A good and enriching time was had by all.


                                    In Our Lord

                                    Father Stan Krempa


          *                    *                    *


 A note about Mass attire: We come to the summer months when people tend to dress more casually because of the heat. Let us all try to dress appropriately for Mass. How we dress is a sign of our respect for the Mass, respect for the congregation and respect for ourselves as Catholics. Dressing appropriately for Mass reflects our dignity as people of God, unified by Baptism and graced through the saving Death and Resurrection of Christ.

Appropriate dress is a way of recognizing that what we are doing on Sunday is important and sacred. Let us make the effort to show our reverence not only in our words but in our dress and demeanor. It can also be a reminder to others of the importance of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.


                                                                       *                    *                    *


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